Check out what some of our customers are saying about us and our products:


"I learned how to ski in the days when the best guy on the hill was a fat dude rocking a teal onesie with a poop chute. You could always spot this mystical creature from a mile off because, back then, ski length was the only measurement that mattered and his were longer than the taco truck he frequented way too often. And if you were lucky, you’d get to share a triple with him (quads didn’t exist yet) where he’d offer you a shot of whiskey, but your dad would respectfully refuse on your behalf because you were five. It didn’t matter, though, because this guy was the real deal. He knew what was up, the windows in the tips of his skis were sweet and his sunglasses were just a lens. Then you’d hop off the lift and, as quickly as the interaction had started, you’d hear a “Go get ‘em, kid!” as he proceeded to bomb the hell out of the most insane run in the park.

Bluehouse is like that guy."

Bennett Anderson


"I am getting on in years (40s), but Bluehouse skis make me feel young again. When I look at your products, I want new ski experiences to begin. I haven't seen any other skis in years that make me want to invest. You're hip, you're cool, and in your skis I'll be the best!

Seriously though, I love your products, and they make me want to ski every weekend!"

 Wendi Miller


"Me and my buddies came down to your factory last winter and watched Gnar, drank some beer, and had a blast. I'm so glad that we have an awesome, world-class ski company born and raised here in our own back yard! Am looking forward to buying a new pair of Bluehouse skis for this winter and am stoked to try them out. Looking at the Shoots and the Mavens this year. I'm interested to see how the Mavens can compare to my S7's and I'm thinking, based on my Maestros, that I will be pleasantly surprised!  Keep up the good work guys and pick me to win your new skis!!!"

Chris Oliver


"I love the people at Bluehouse, they are always friendly and answer all my questions right away. I haven't had the chance to own a pair of bluehouse skis yet, but with the specs and customer service there is no way you can go wrong. Bluehouse has every ski style in their line up, so it doesn’t matter if you ride the powder, big mountain or groomers they got it covered and they do it right."

David Johnson


"At the end of 2010 season, I had already purchased another pair of skis before I even heard the word Bluehouse. However, as a lover of all things skiing, I dove head first into the history and background of this company and was immediately hooked. The openness and straight forward willingness to learn what makes their customers happy is an attribute lacking in most if not all of the Good Ol Boys.

The market sensibility to create an amazing ski and then sell it at unbelievably reasonable price point exists nowhere else. The 11/12 season found me encountering an increasing number of skiers riding BH and asking their thoughts.  Their response? Overwhelmingly positive. In fact I've yet to find anyone who has told me anything negative about their experience. As a result, a pair of these skis will be in my quiver for 13'. Keep up the great work, and thanks for still making something in the USA."

Dave Laurenty


"I have owned 3 different pairs of skis from Bluehouse, the Districts were my first and favorite pair of Bluehouse skis, wanting a pair of park and pipe skis I bought some Antics, I love them, their flow is amazing and the pop on those skis is ridiculous. Finally I bought a pair of Maestros, the best skis I have ever used, I love them so much that I use them as my everyday skis, you guys have the best customer service I have ever seen, I will always ski with Bluehouse skis!!! Thanks for making my first ski season in Colorado amazing guys!!!!! Which was two years ago."

Brandon Meyer


"…I just wanted to thank you for incredible service and incredible skis. I’m an east coast skier, born and raised in New Hampshire, and your skis took everything I could throw at them without a doubt…Thanks for what you do for the ski community, even here on the east coast."

Nick N., Stowe, VT


"Love the Maestros… Skis really charge thru anything. The most stable ski I have ever been on. Very pleased!!!... They performed well enough that they will be my only ski I will be on for the rest of the year."

John H., Breckenridge, CO


"[I]f you are looking for an EC woods, powder, chop ski, the Maestro's are your answer. You will not be disappointed. They will handle groomers, yet are also incredibly maneuverable in the woods. Can't wait to open them up out west."

GrizzlyFD, TGR Tech Talk Forum


"Just arrived home from a week at Valdez Heli-ski Guides. The skis were unbelievable! They skied everything well (soft, corn, crust, steep…) and are by far the best ski I have ever been on in backcountry/variable conditions."

Bob C., VT


"Noticed a small (1/4") delam near the heel of my Naxo's. Took a picture and sent to Bluehouse. New skis in mail the next day the 24th of dec. That is customer service!"

Lom H., Spokane, WA


"Bluehouse Shoots Review: Overall impression: The Shoots don’t get knocked around as much [as the Volkl Sumo’s] in chopp. Like Ricky Bobby they wanna go fast. I like the stability and I’m sold on tip rocker…had quite a few more days on these including a 14" day today. Also had a chance to ski the Sumos in similar pow conditions. The Sumos (Volkl) will be going up on gear swap."

Thommy21, Posted on Teton Gravity Research gear review forum


"Bluehouse Maven Review: The short synopsis: These skis KILL it, if you didn't buy a pair of these, you're completely bumming…Holy #@*! these things rock. I was somewhat questioning the sanity of buying something like this on the East Coast but after 4 days on them I'm convinced that in fact these could potentially be an everyday board at the right EC resort."

laseranimal, Posted on Teton Gravity Research gear review forum


"So I've checked out the Armada JJ, the 4FRNT EHP, and the Bluehouse Maestro. I went with the Maestros…All three have early rise and early taper, but I opted for the Maestros since they were cheaper and Bluehouse skis are excellent with warranties.…check out bluehouseskis.com- it's the only place to order them. Great guys who make great skis, and they're all about the skier." 

Jack W., Posted on Backcountry.com gear review


“Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for making a killer product and standing behind it as well! Thank you guys so much for helping with my BH skis warranty, made my season! It was smooth, easy and personable. I received a prompt response and my expectations were well exceeded. ” 

Bear Payne, Arizona


“I’ve skied dozens of different brands of skis over the years. In this time, I’ve come across many with defects. Bluehouse has been by far the best company to work with regarding warranty issues. Thanks for the great service! Fast, fair and extremely helpful in resolving my issue. I’m glad to be a customer of someone who backs their products the way that Bluehouse does.”

James Alfandre, Maryland


Thus far I could not be more pleased with your customer service. In these times of an uncertain economy, ultimately people want to make sure the companies with whom they do business is going to stand by them. You guys have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. If the skis, ski half as well as you guys treat your customers than I know they are going to rock!

Ian B., Phoenix, Maryland