Best Ski Resorts in Quebec

If you enjoy challenging terrains and stunning mountain views, Quebec is truly the place to be. The season here starts in mid-November and lasts until late April, and during the whole season the trails are in prime condition. The resorts in Quebec invest large sums in snow grooming to keep everything in order for the large crowds visiting the areas every season. 

There are three main skiing areas in Quebec – the Laurentians, the Eastern township, and the Greater Quebec area, which turn into a vast winter wonderland where powder junkies can enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities. With an average snowfall of 400 cm, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Quebec has some of the best ski resorts in Canada that are frequent hosts of various International competitions in skiing and boarding.

Quebec’s main strength is the abundance of powder and great weather conditions which keep powder hounds coming back for more adventures. The best ski resorts in Quebec have a variety of runs, amazing lift infrastructure, and affordable prices. From ski schools, snow quality, and challenging terrain, to family-friendly resorts and great dining, the ski resorts at Quebec provide guests with an amazing ski vacation experience.

All of this puts the best ski resorts at Quebec in the major league easily competing with top-notch ski areas in Canada and America. 

These ski resorts will knock your ski socks off and make you book a room immediately. We have evaluated the best ski resorts in Quebec in terms of a variety of runs, accommodation, apres ski and lift infrastructure, so you can make an informed decision where to spend your next ski vacation. 

Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is legendary. It’s considered to be one of the best ski resorts in Eastern North America and powder junkies come in large crowds to enjoy the amazing slopes, as well as take part in the amazing apres-ski scene. Mont Tremblant is all about being stylish at the slopes. It has it all – a challenging terrain, European charm, and unforgettable atmosphere. 

However, all that comes with a price. This is one of the most expensive ski resorts in Quebec and it frequently gets crowded. But, who can blame those savvy powderhounds that seem to never leave the resort? Mont Tremblant is a must for anyone who is hooked on powder.


  • Gorgeous scenery
  • Diverse terrain
  • Great dining options
  • European charm
  • World-class accommodation
  • Amazing apres-ski scene
  • Lively and vibrant atmosphere


  • Can get crowded
  • You can expect to spend some times in long lines
  • Pricey

Famous for: world-class ski resort, impressive apres-ski scene, and luxury.

Town Area

Just 80 miles away from Montreal, Mont-Tremblant is a winter paradise surrounded by the Laurentian mountain range. The pedestrian village is breathtaking as it combines European style with a touch of Disneyesque charm. The atmosphere is unforgettable for both adults and kids. Just strolling the streets is an experience of its own as every detail of the village is crafted to perfection – vibrant colors, cobbled walkways, and outdoor fire pits. 

Guests will love the restaurants and the fine dining at the offer. If you want to take a day off from skiing, you will have a fun time at Mont Tremblant. You can try your luck at the local casino, stroll around the waterpark, or explore the local cuisine. Those that are up for a more adventurous time can always go dog sledding, race cars, or take a ride on a rollercoaster. What’s more, you can lose yourself in some interactive virtual experiences at Tremblant Virtual Reality. When it comes to the apres-ski scene, Mont Tremblant is leading the pack.

Ski Terrain

This candy-colored resort lures guests in not just with the European style but the diverse terrain too. With 662 acres of skiable terrain, Mont Tremblant has great runs for all ability levels. The ski resort has 96 ski trails on four slopes and the ski season is open from November to mid-April. Savvy locals advise beginners to start at the 3.7 miles long Nansen run located on the south side of the mountain. 

Experienced skiers should hit the north side and check The Edge. There are some challenging steeps there that can test the craft of the veterans. Tremblant terrain is ideal for beginners and intermediates as they will need to spend time on the resort to experience all 96 ski trails.

Crowd Density and Ski Lifts

Ok, Mont Tremblant is amazing, but when it comes to lines the place can be a bore. You can expect long lines especially on weekends, however, you can always explore the village while waiting for the long lines to clear. And the weather on this ski resort can be bone-chilling, so keep in mind to check the weather before booking accommodation.

The resort is served by 11 lifts including four-person chair lifts and two lifts. The lift system is rapid and efficient, however, a ski resort as popular as Mont Tremblant should have a modern lift infrastructure in order to manage the crowds more efficiently.


When it comes to lodging, visitors at Stowe have plenty of options. There are many hotels with amazing mountain views where visitors can also enjoy a spa treatment. What’s more, the lodging at Mont Tremblant is all about indulging yourself into luxury and coziness.  

You can choose between inns, hotels, or suites. The prices differ depending on the season and your luxury needs. One of the most popular spots in Mont Tremblant is Hotel Quintessence. This four-star hotel is recommended by the Forbes Travel Guide and this doesn’t come as surprise, as all suits at Quintessence have a wood-burning fireplace and balcony with lake views. 


Mont Tremblant has a winning formula – it combines challenging terrain, gorgeous scenery, and vibrant apres-ski. At this ski resort, you don’t have to be a skier at all to have a great time. But you should also expect high prices, especially at the peak of the season and during winter holidays.

Mont Sutton

You must have heard about Mont Sutton – this is the ski resort that is widely recognized as having “the best glades in Canada”. What particularly distinguishes Mont Sutton from other ski resorts are the scenic forested slopes that contribute to making this resort perfect for glade skiing. You can expect great powder, authentic charm, and a friendly atmosphere. 

Mont Sutton has a variety of trails and each run seems to be different, so if you’re up for adventures time on the slopes in the area of Quebec, Mont Sutton should definitely be one of your first choices.


  • Amazing scenery
  • Diverse terrain
  • Cozy atmosphere
  • 45% of all trails are glades
  • Groomed trails
  • Family-friendly


  • Unpredictable weather conditions

Famous for: the best glades in Canada, scenic forested slopes, and breathtaking views.

Town Area

Mont Sutton base lodge is situated just a short drive away from the village of Sutton. The base lodge has all the required amenities including a bar and a cafeteria. The apres-ski scene is also exciting as you can always find some cheerful locals drinking the local brew. The village is surprisingly packed with shops, restaurants, and inns. Mont Sutton is all about coziness and sharing some good vibes with like-minded powder junkies. 

It is often said that guests never seem to leave Mont Sutton without taking with them a slice of the local cheese and some chocolate. The folksy village atmosphere, the trees, and the vibrant colors all around – all add up to the delightful experience of spending your ski vacation at Mont Sutton.

Ski Terrain

With an average annual snowfall of over 200 inches, Mont Sutton has never had an issue with delivering great powder for its guests. Besides that, the ski season at the resort spans approximately 140 days. The ski terrain has a variety of trails suitable for all ability levels with 60 trails,15 of which are considered perfect for beginners. 

Around 18 of the tracks are appropriate for intermediates and 11 runs are recommended only for the veterans. There are also around 16 runs that are rated extremely difficult and suitable only for savvy daredevils and adrenaline junkies. As we’ve already mentioned, there’s a great variety when it comes to open groomers and groomed glades. No matter your level of experience, you’ll find a suitable trail at this inclusive ski resort.

Crowd Density and Ski Lifts

The ski lift infrastructure at Mont Sutton is modern and efficient. It’s consisted of 9 lifts including 3 quads, 6 doubles, and 1 magic carpet. The lifts have a capacity of carrying over 11000 people an hour which is enough to manage the crowds at Mont Sutton.

The resort is popular among young families, locals, and veterans and it can get crowded over the weekends. However, the atmosphere is relaxed and the terrain is wide, so you won’t get stuck waiting in long lines.


Mont Sutton offers its guests cozy accommodation options and delicious dining that blends refinement with local flavors. The prices differ depending on the place you choose. For a small village, Sutton really delivers great quality when it comes to accommodation. Guests can choose from a number of condos, chalets, hotels, youth hostels, B&Bs, and inns. There are also a number of all-inclusive ski packages and “Ski and Stay” weekday packages that come at a remarkably affordable price, so make sure you research your options before you make a booking. 


Mont Sutton is a great destination for anyone looking to experience diverse terrain, cozy village atmosphere, and some fun apres-ski activities. The ski resort is family-friendly and welcoming for anyone regardless of their level of experience. Mont Sutton gives powder junkies a unique opportunity to practice their craft on wonderfully corduroyed trails.


Mont-Sainte-Anee is the largest cross-country ski centre in Canada. It has a very diverse terrain including begging areas and double black diamonds, so it’s suitable for all ability levels. This ski terrain spreads over three sides of the mountain and covers over 450 acres of skiable terrain. Mont-Sainte-Anne have attracted many international competitions in Alpine skiing, mountain biking, and snowboarding. 

The average snowfall on this ski resort is 160 inches per year which is amazing. Mont-Sainte-Anne invests large sums of money every year into snow grooming, which keeps the trails constantly in prime condition, and the ski season here lasts from mid to November to late April.


  • Diverse terrain
  • Gorgeous scenery
  • Terrain suitable for all ability levels
  • Abundant natural snowfall
  • Trails in prime condition
  • Great amenities and facilities
  • Amazing customer service


  • Can get crowded

Famous for: trails in prime conditions, diverse terrain and amazing apres-ski scene.

Town Area

Mont-Sainte-Anne is located just 25 miles away from the city of Quebec, where you’ll find a wide range of facilities. People at Quebec are friendly and know how to enjoy themselves as they are known for being savvy gourmets. Visiting Mont-Sainte-Anne means that you won’t just get to ski on one of the best ski resorts in Canada, but also taste the excellent food in some of the best restaurants in Quebec. 

In the Old City near the port, Quebec hides some narrow cobblestone streets where locals enjoy themselves in an inexpensive and lively bistors. The seafood there is amazing. You’ll also find some fine restaurants with gastronomic menus at the ski resort. Savvy party goers will love the number of great jazz clubs, comedy clubs, cabarets, and theaters in Quebec. 

Ski Terrain

The abundant natural snowfall keeps Mont-Sainte-Anne terrains in prime condition throughout the whole season. Unlike many other ski resorts, Mont-Sainte-Anne doesn’t keep skiing and boarding separated. The wide terrain at this resort is open to both skiers and snowboarders. 

With 212km of groomed trails, Mont-Sainte-Anne is Canada’s biggest cross-county area. The resort also has 125 km of trails for skating stride. 

Beginners are welcome at the ski resort where they can practise their craft on some of the seven green trails which range from 3 to 13km, so novices have the chance to pick a trail corresponding to their own capacity. Powder junkies looking for greater challenges can try some of the blue trails which occupy 40% of the whole terrain and offer long hours of skiing. Within the black diamond trail network, experts can practise their craft on some challenging steeper trails.

Crowd Density and Ski Lifts

Mont-Sainte-Anne is renowned for the excellent lift infrastructure. The lift system consists of 7 lifts which have the capacity to carry over 13200 passengers per hour. The resort is accessed by an 8-person gondola lift and several chairlifts. The 4-person chairlifts have some weather-protection covers which come handy on stormy days, and you can also find some tow lifts and moving carpets.

At the resort, beginner skiers and boarders can ski for free at two nursery slopes. Aside from that, the ticketing system at the resort allows you to use the same ticket for skiing there and at Stoneham, which is a great perk. The adult tickets cost $89 and kids from 7-12 can ski for $41 a day. The resort is very popular, however, due to the excellent lift infrastructure, lift lines are a rarity at Mont-Sainte-Anne.


There are many hotels near the Mont Sainte Anne ski area that offer fine dining options near a variety of attractions and activities. The prices differ depending on the season, however, Mont Sainte Anne is one of the most affordable ski resorts in the region. Guests can also choose to stay at some of the hotels, motels, and inns at Old Quebec and drive to the resort. The accommodation at Mont Sainte Anne features heated pools, hot tubs, and fitness centres, so a great time at the resort is guaranteed. There are also some pet friendly hotels so you can bring your hairy friends with you to experience a nice ski vacation.


Mont-Sainte- Anne is often described as the best kept secret in Canada and now we can see why. It offers amazing skiing and snowboarding conditions, great dining, gorgeous scenery, and affordable prices. Additionally, the atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, making this hidden gem one of the best ski resorts in Quebec.

Article by:
Abby Ward
Senior Content Writer at Bluehouse
Last Updated April 2024