Best Ski Resorts in New Mexico

Ski loving passengers arriving at the Albuquerque International Sunport airport have a birds-eye view of the impressive mountains they can explore. New Mexico is often called “The Land of Enchantment,” and that epithet is well deserved. From vividly red cliffs to mountain peaks glittering with dazzlingly white snow, New Mexico is blessed with some of the most gorgeous scenery the world can offer.

And, it can pass on those blessings to anyone who wishes to visit it. For snow lovers, powderhounds, or just winter-loving tourists, New Mexico offers soft, powdery snow underneath pure blue skies. Its mountain tops sit perched, like eagles, on the very edges of the Rockies. Easily accessible, they make a top choice for ski vacations, both for individuals and families alike.

New Mexico’s ski resorts may not be quite on par with the rest of North America’s elite skiing centers, but they excel in another area – giving something to everyone. Here, you will find everything from exciting ski runs that can defeat even experienced skiers, to the most laid back and children-friendly atmosphere.

So whatever you’re looking for, chances are you will definitely find it here.

Geography being what it is, you can find most of New Mexico’s alpine ski resorts in the Northeast parts of the state. We’re sure you won’t mind, and without further ado, here are the best ski resorts in New Mexico!

Red River Ski Area

Red River calls itself the “Ski Town of the Southwest” and we won’t dispute that. The quaint town itself looks like a Western scene that came alive, and is it any wonder that it’s super popular with vacationers from Oklahoma and Texas? Besides its looks and historic charm, the town has all the necessary amenities one can expect from a decent ski resort, with plenty of shopping, dining, and accomodation options.

And the ski terrains themselves are very easy to access from the town itself, so you can switch between skiing, snowboarding, and town activities with ease. The town offers many family-friendly deals, and the ski runs can impress even the expert skier. The toughest run in the Red River area is called Catskinner, and if that name makes you think of howling, believe us, the run will make you howl with excitement too!


  • Exciting skiing under clear blue skies
  • Plenty of snowboarding too
  • Good family-friendly services
  • Interesting cross-country trails


  • The snow can sometimes melt too soon
  • It could use more advanced and expert ski runs

Ski Terrains & Snow Quality

Sitting at a base elevation of 8,750 feet, the Red River Ski Resort in New Mexico graces the scenic slopes of the Southern Rockies. However, it gets even more impressive from here on out. Red River’s peaks reach as high as 10,350 feet, offering memorable vistas and exciting skiing experiences. The central area of the resort has an impressive number of 64 trails, strewn across a skiable area of 209 acres.

The runs offer a wide selection when it comes to skill levels. Red River’s skiing terrain roughly consists of 32% beginner runs, 38% intermediate, and 30% advanced runs. The terrain is divided between three parks – those looking for some extra excitement should waste no time and head straight to Hollywood park. It has the largest jumps, and most exciting hits and jibs. 

Additionally, Red River offers cross-country skiing as part of its Enchanted Forest Cross Country Ski Area, which packs over 30 kilometers of ski trails and 18 kilometers of snowshoe trails, with the park itself taking up the area of 1,400 acres.

The snow at Red River is good, even though the locals are kinda tired of it! The annual snowfall here isn’t that impressive (around 214 inches of snowfall per year), and being located further down south, spring can come earlier and make it thaw at times. But Red River stands ready, offering snowmaking capabilities on 85% of the resort.

Finally, this area of the US enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine per year, so be prepared to enjoy clear blue skies while you’re basking in the flashy snow. For those who don’t intend to stop enjoying nature once the snow melts, Red River also offers summertime mountain activities – but that’s another topic for another article.

Town Area & Crowds

The crowds here aren’t that bad, and the 7 ski lifts servicing Red River’s ski terrains are more than sufficient to service both skiers and snowboarders alike. If you’re into snowboarding, there is something for you here too. Red River has three different snowboarding parks designed to cater to snowboarders of all skill levels, so beginners, intermediates, and experts alike.

And when you tire of the ski slopes and the snowboarding, you can even enjoy some snow tubing! 

But Red River Ski Resort is also one of the best destinations for those who are itching for a family adventure.

For example, Red River offers skiing and snowboarding lessons to beginners of all ages. The Youth Ski & Snowboard Center provides skiing and snowboarding lessons for children, teens and adults alike! Even families with small children can find some relief here. The Buckaroo Day Care center, for example, offers babysitting services for children from the ages of 6 months all the way to 4 years old.

So, you can go ski and snowboard at leisure, while your young ones enjoy supervised play with tons of interesting children activities like crafting, story time, and even outdoor play.


In terms of accommodation, there are plenty of lodging options to choose from. You have ski-in/ski-out hotels, condos, vacation rentals, and cabins. On top of that, you even have pet-friendly lodging options, so if you don’t want to leave your pet behind, there’s room for them as well!

Ease of Access

The nearest major airport to Red River is the one in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which sits at a distance of around 171 miles from the resort. There’s also the option of Santa Fe’s Municipal Airport, being a tad closer at just 116 miles away. If you’re interested in the occasional urban experience, the closest city to the Red River Ski Area is Taos, around 37 miles from the resort. Finally, you can make your way here by booking a flight to the Albuquerque International Sunport Airport, too, which is serviced by most major airlines.


Red River offers something for everyone – amazing views, exciting skiing (including cross-country), good entertainment options and many family-friendly services. If you’re wondering where to go during winter and not lack anything, Red River is your friend.

Pajarito Mountain Ski Area

But when you’re in New Mexico, there is snow outside of the Rockies as well. Located on the eastern slopes of the Jemez Mountain Range, Pajarito Mountain is open Fridays to Sundays, with the addition of Christmas and federal holidays. Pajarito’s peaks can rival some of the Rockies’, reaching an impressive elevation of 10,440 feet. These features give Pajarito Mountain some impressive tracks, like its 1,440 ft vertical drop spread over 300 acres of skiable terrain. 


  • Small but atmospheric, since it was initially a secret resort for scientists
  • Good family-friendly services, kids get a free pass
  • Affordable food and amenities


  • Could use more snow at times
  • Lifts can be a little slow

Ski Terrains & Snow Quality

The average snowfall at Pajarito isn’t that impressive, but that doesn’t mean it’s not abundant during winter season. During that time, the slopes of the mountain serve beautiful views of the Rio Grande Valley. But will you have the time to enjoy the view with all those skiing and snowboarding options Pajarito Mountain has for you? 45 in all, the runs this resort offers are suitable for all levels, and are serviced by 6 lifts and tows of all varieties that do their jobs well. Additionally, Pajarito has some snowmaking capabilities as well, which come in handy just when you need them!

Town Area & Crowds

The crowds here are still (thankfully) low, which makes finding accomodation to your tastes simpler than usual. Pajarito was initially a “hidden,” private resort for scientists and their families back in the day, but it has been open to the general public for more than two decades now. Gradually, this nice resort has grown and added many shopping facilities, café and dining options, a rental service, and even a high quality snow sports school.  

If you’re going on a family trip, the snow sports school here offers lessons both as a group and individually. For the youngest, there’s Camp Bluebird, providing snowboarding and skiing programs for kids ages 5 to 12. The courses include lunch breaks too, so parents can set their worries aside.

Finally, all children under the age of 10 receive free season passes to the entire Pajarito ski resort, but, the same pass can be used in many other resorts around the country (such as Taos’s Sipapu Ski & Summer Resort, Snowbowl, Nordic Valley, Purgatory Resort, and Hesperus and Spider Mountain). If that wasn’t enough, all fifth-graders can also get a free season pass for the entire terrain of Pajarito Mountain Ski Area too, including access to Sipapu Ski & Summer Resort and Hesperus.

Take note, though: you’re supposed to apply online for these season passes, ideally before visiting the resort!


Pajarito Mountain offers both affordable and luxurious accommodation options. There are bed and breakfast places, holiday apartments, both low-priced and expensive hotels, and other types of lodging options. You can even stay at a holiday farm if you find an available place.


The Pajarito Mountain Ski Resort is sometimes referred to as “The Hidden Gem.” That’s sort of literally true. Pajarito was kinda “hidden” in the past, but is no longer – and its beautiful nature and useful amenities make it a dazzling gem for all snow lovers.

Ski Santa Fe

Huddled between the sides of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Ski Santa Fe is a family-friendly ski resort that offers lots of runs for beginners, and a few challenging runs for more advanced snowriders as well. Ski Santa Fe is also considered to be one of the highest ski areas in the United States, with the resort proper sitting at a base elevation of 10,350 feet. But that’s base elevation – the Millennium Triple Chairlift takes visitors even higher, to the soaring 12,075 feet of elevation. This veritable eagle perch makes you feel like you’re going to touch the sky, and offers a grandiose vista over 660 acres of gorgeous scenery. 


  • Impressive elevation for New Mexico and good snow
  • Plenty of runs for all skill levels
  • Has a huge training area
  • You can also visit Santa Fe since it’s just 16 miles away


  • Could use more expert runs
  • Snow can get a bit thin during some times of the year

Ski Terrains & Snow Quality

Once you find yourself 12 thousand feet up in the air, one way to get down below is to brave the 1,725 feet of vertical skiing run, leading you to 86 well-groomed trails that can be enjoyed by skiers of all levels. These trails can be roughly divided between 16% beginner runs, 32% intermediate runs, and 47% advanced runs, with the final 5% of the runs being designated as expert runs. All of these runs are serviced by a total of 7 ski lifts of several types, which gets the job done perfectly well.

For the ones who don’t mind a bit of hiking, Ski Santa Fe is filled with bowls and chutes that are legal to ski or ride, but aren’t serviced by elevators or tows. Adventurous visitors will either have to hitch hike back up to the resort, or park their car on the road below so they can drive back up. 

Skiing enthusiasts and beginners alike are also offered “The Bone Yard”, a terrain park where they can learn new tricks and practice their skills, along with a magic carpet for those who try skiing for the first time. With a total of 660 acres of skiable terrain, trust us, you’ll need all the practicing you can get!

Averaging 225 inches of snow a year, Ski Santa Fe has more than enough snow to service all its trails and runs over a significant part of the year. But even when that’s not enough, the resort has the capacity for snowmaking on over 50% of the mountain. 

Town Area & Crowds

While the resort itself offers hundreds of dining, entertainment, and some shopping options, it’s called Ski Santa Fe for a reason. Some tourists prize the views, because it is located high above what has become one of the top destinations in the US – the historic and beautifully artistic town of Santa Fe.

In fact, you can visit Santa Fe easily, since it is located just 16 miles away. You can get there by either using the Blue Bus shuttle bus, or by car (a rental or your own). The Blue Bus option also makes multiple stops in the city, allowing you to explore this amazing 400-year-old city at your own leisure. No joke, Santa Fe is well worth visiting, if not only for its dozens of museums, historic buildings, and the thousands of shops, restaurants, and other facilities.

Due to the vicinity to Santa Fe proper, the Ski Santa Fe resort can see larger crowds occasionally. But that’s part of the charm. For those adventuring together as a family, the ski resort offers many family-friendly and kid-friendly activities. 

For example, the Chipmunk Corner provides lunches, rest, as well as rentals, snow play, and even ski lessons for kids up to the age of 11. Not just that, they also offer daycare for infants too, from the ages of just 3 months old all the way to the age of 3. Last but not least, you can also find quality snowboard and ski training programs for all ages here, such as the Adaptive Ski Program.


Ski Santa Fe offers lodgings that suit all budgets and requirements. There are hotels located really close to the resort, where you can find budget-friendly options as well as 5-star luxury hotels. There are also inns and suites only steps away from the city center that offer a shuttle service, some that even welcome pets!


Offering amazing views of the valley, a large area of skiing terrain, and plenty of entertainment options, the Ski Santa Fe resort is definitely one of the best ski resorts in New Mexico. Did we also mention that it’s just 16 miles from Santa Fe? If you are looking to do a 2-in-1 and visit both the city and the wonderful mountain, mark this on your map.

Ski Apache

The Ski Apache resort is the home to the famous Sierra Blanka Peak, which sits perched at over 12,000 feet above sea level. As you can imagine, Sierra Blanka offers stunning views as far as the eye can see, and what’s even more fascinating is that from these snowy caps, you’ll be gazing down on dry, scorching deserts. The contrast stays with you, but Ski Apache has a lot more to offer than amazing vistas. The resort offers 55 runs and trails over the area of more than 750 acres of skiable terrain, and it’s owned by the Mescalero Apache Tribe, whose rich culture can be seen all around the area. Ski Apache also has the oldest, now almost ancient gondola in New Mexico. Perfect for a photo op!


  • A wealth of ski runs suitable for most skiers
  • The Sierra Blanka Peak offers amazing views of the deserts far below
  • Rich with culture and history – you can immerse yourself in the culture of the Mescalero Apache Tribe


  • No expert level tracks

Ski Terrain & Snow Quality

Ski Apache receives over 15 feet of snow a year, which I’m sure you’ll agree is plenty enough. But not just that, the resort also boasts snowmaking capabilities of 270 acres, which makes sure that you can have all the snow you need, at all times. 

The total size of the skiable terrain at Ski Apache is just over 750 acres. Strewn over this terrain are 55 ski runs, the steepest of which follows a vertical drop of 1,900 feet. Exciting, right? The runs themselves are a nice mix of wide beginner slopes, then tougher bump runs, a huge bowl and several nice cruising runs. Ski Apache has runs for beginners, intermediate skiers, and advanced skiers, but lacks any expert tracks.

The runs themselves are serviced by 11 ski lifts and tugs, which deal rather well with the crowds of people, even when they swell. The resort is very popular with skiers from west Texas, and most of them don’t mind that there’s a casino too.

Town Area & Crowds

Ski Apache sits 18 miles northwest of the town of Ruidoso, and can be easily reached by car from El Paso in 2 and a half hours, or from Albuquerque in 3 hours. But even if you’re not into skiing that much, visiting the resort is a prize in itself. Being owned by the Mescalero Apache Tribe, and occasionally adorned with its cultural symbols, Ski Apache provides an interesting cultural experience for the casual visitor too. Located in Alto, which is New Mexico’s southernmost ski area, the peaks of Ski Apache provide visitors with the rare contrast between scorching, arid plains, and glittering, snowy peaks. 

Here you will also find the oldest gondola in the state, which is a historical and cultural artifact in its own right. And while experienced skiers enjoy their time on the slopes, those who are just beginning can take part in the oldest and largest Adaptive Ski Program in the entire state of New Mexico. For those of you on a family adventure, Ski Apache offers many kid-friendly programs too (such as Kiddie Korral or Bear Cub Adventure), especially on weekends and during holidays. 

Finally, if you’re looking to make some precious memories and see some memorable vistas, you can sign up for the three-part ZipTour around the resort. It’s a real adventure lasting one and a half hours, and it will take you on a scenic ride among the highlights of Ski Apache.


There are various accommodation options around the resort that suit all budgets. You can rent cozy cabins with up to three bedrooms or rent a condo that’s only 3 miles from the resort. There are also plenty of hotels that you can choose from as well as vacation rentals.


Ski Apache packs an amazing, all-round winter package: good skiing, excellent snow, mind blowing views of the land, and a lesson in history and culture. There’s a casino, too, so when it comes to Ski Apache, you can bet you’re going to have a good time!

Angel Fire

Angel Fire has the pleasure of being consistently rated as one of the top family ski resorts in the Southern Rockies. That isn’t for nothing, you see. Angel Fire offers lots of terrain for skiing and tubing, and most of this is geared towards beginners – which makes it great for families and skiing enthusiasts. But among Angel Fire’s 81 runs, advanced skiers can find their place between the snow dunes as well. The town area is not very developed however, but when it comes to winter sports and cultural activities, Angel Fire is rocking it – it’s been the host of the Big Ol’ Texas Weekend and the Shovel Racing World Championships.


  • Very good snow, and the Southern Rockies are beautiful
  • The only ski resort in New Mexico offering night skiing and night access to the terrain
  • Home to exciting local events – if that’s your thing
  • The best resort for beginner skiers 


  • Small number of expert level tracks, which are not easily accessible
  • Angel Fire is focused on skiing, so some visitors can find the town a bit lacking

Ski Terrain & Snow Quality

These particular slopes of the Southern Rocky mountains feature a wealth of trails, interspersed with terrain parks and exciting tree skiing. The runs here are numerous, and can be divided between 21% beginner runs, 56% intermediate runs, and 23% offering terrain for advanced skiers. As you can see, more than 75% of the runs at Angel Fire belong to the beginner and intermediate categories, but worry not – those itching for a challenging ride will find several expert trails on the back side of the mountain.

The base elevation of Angel Fire is 8,600 feet, with its summit sitting at 10,677 feet. This makes for a fairly exciting vertical drop of 2,077 feet. Numbering 81 runs in total, all of these exciting trails can be accessed by a total of 7 ski lifts and tows, which do their jobs well.

The terrain here (560 acres) receives more than 210 inches of snow per year, on average, but snowmaking is here to take care of more than half of the mountain – and most of the beginner trails. But Angel Fire doesn’t end with just skiing. It offers extra winter activities like tubing, snowmobiling, sledding, sleigh rides and even ice fishing.

And if you ever get tired of all the snow and the freezing cold, Angel Fire also offers mountain biking during the summer (and lift accessed too!) Additional summer activities include tennis, golfing, ziplining, scenic chairlift rides, and even playing in the lake.

Finally, Angel Fire is the only ski resort in New Mexico that offers night skiing, and night access to its parks.

Town Area & Crowds

We’re not gonna lie, Angel Fire can sometimes get kinda crowded. It doesn’t help that it sits close to some of the area’s biggest airports – the Santa Fe Municipal Airport (SAF) and the Albuquerque International Sunport Airport (ABQ). But wait. In case you can’t be bothered with driving or taking the bus, Angel Fire has its own airport located just 3 miles from the resort proper – the Angel Fire Airport (AXX). But whatever you decide to do, car rentals and shuttle services are available from all major airports in the area.

While Angel Fire excels at skiing both during day and night, the base village itself isn’t very impressive. But, it gets the job done, especially when it comes to hosting some of the many exciting local events such as the Big Ol’ Texas Weekend and the Shovel Racing World Championships.

Sitting at the elevation of 8,600 ft and hosting several restaurants, ski schools, and rentals, Angel Fire town knows how to create a mood. Loud music pumps on the trails from an almost surround sound system (well, surround lift system), making for some good, upbeat vibes.

The fun doesn’t end there, however. Just a little above the town, the timed NASTAR race course beckons visitors to some recreational racing in a huge slalom format. You also have the so-called Polar Coaster track, which is a four-lane trail, snaking down over 1,000-foot hills, and makes for the perfect tubing experience. On top of that you have tons of freestyle terrain parks with jumps, rails and boxes, which are sure to satisfy any snowboarding lover. 

But what if you’re taking your family with you? Not to worry! Children ages 3 to 12 can learn to ski or snowboard at Angel Fire in a variety of classes organized by different ages. Classes offer a full package deal, along with snacks, lunch, rentals, and free lift tickets for the youngsters. 


The resort itself provides excellent accommodation with all kinds of lodging options. You can choose one of the 120 pet-friendly rooms and The Lodge, or book a condo, a house, or a villa directly on their website.


Angel Fire Resort makes one of the best year-round mountain destinations, combining a wealth of skiing terrain, some of the best skiing and snowboarding classes for beginners, and the right number of amenities of all kinds. Plus, it’s close by to two major airports and even has its own airport. And did we mention the killer mood? Angel Fire is just… It’s great, man! 

Taos Ski Valley

Well, we’ve finally reached the end of our list, where we meet Taos Ski Valley. It’s the biggest, baddest, and dare we say, the best ski resort in New Mexico. Taos Ski Valley offers incredible 1,200 acres of skiable terrain, overlooked by the one of the highest peaks in New Mexico, Kachina Peak, which sits at an elevation of 12,481 feet. Besides amazing vistas, these widths and heights produce some of the highest vertical runs in the state too – at Taos, you can fly 3,281 feet down in an array of mindblowing, adrenaline-pumping ski runs. Its 110 trails and 14 ski lifts can deal with any sort of crowd size, and believe us, Taos Ski Valley is popular. It hosts some of the best advanced and expert ski tracks in New Mexico, and the Taos Ski Valley village is buzzing with activity at almost any time of the year. The area offers plenty of lodging for everyone’s budget, including hostels, hotel rooms, suites, and even chalets and two or three bedroom condo units. 


  • Largest ski resort in New Mexico, with plenty advanced and expert ski runs
  • Impressive vertical runs (3,281 ft)
  • The area offers lodging and entertainment for everyone’s budget
  • Taos Ski Valley is the home to one of North America’s highest rated snowsports schools for beginners and experts alike


  • It can get crowded sometimes

Ski Terrain & Snow Quality

Taos Ski Valley has the best ski terrains in New Mexico, but when it comes to Taos, it’s not just quantity, but quality as well. Its 110 trails strewn around a whopping 1,200 acres of skiable terrain are almost impeccably groomed, and for those looking to just have winter fun instead of ski or snowboard, there is the entire mountain at their disposal. There are a total of 14 ski lifts of different types that make sure all visitors are moved around swiftly and safely.

Taos Ski Valley is known for being a mountain that offers challenging intermediate and advanced runs, with over half of its marked runs being categorized as advanced or expert. The category breakdown of the ski runs at Taos is as follows: 14% beginner runs, 16% intermediate, 30% advanced runs, and an impressive 40% of expert ski runs. Needless to say, this makes Taos Ski Valley one of the favorite places for powderhounds from all over the state and beyond, since this is the mountain where they can really push themselves and challenge their skills.

But what if you’re just a skiing or snowboarding enthusiast just looking to learn some snow sports, and you ended up at Taos? Well, worry not, because Taos Ski Resort has you covered too. The beginner and intermediate runs together make a full third of all the runs at Taos, which is plenty of space where you can both learn, practice, and perfect your skiing skills. 

For those looking to venture out of the ‘beaten track’ though, and perform some power turns on untouched powder, head to the top of Kachina Peak. The impressive mountain towers over the resort at the height of 12,481 feet, and provides some of the finest advanced and expert terrain in North America. Taos is not to be trifled with.

But the snow at Taos Ski Valley is impressive too. With over 300 inches of average snowfall every year, and 300 days of sunshine, Taos combines the best of both worlds – dream blue skies and smooth, glittering snow. 

Town Area & Crowds

The town area of Taos Ski Valley is no less impressive than the ski mountain itself. The Village of Taos Ski Valley sits at an elevation of 9,200 feet and offers many dining, shopping, and entertainment activities. Additionally, it doesn’t go into lockdown as soon as the snow melts, oh no – it offers year-round activities including summer hiking, mountain biking, and even scenic rides with Taos’ many lifts. 

Taos Ski Valley is a resort that has a rich history and an interesting story behind it. The village was originally settled by a group of miners in the 1800s, but today, the ski resort largely exists thanks to the efforts of Erine and Rhoda Blake, who almost single-handedly created the first tracks, and constructed the first ski lift (with the help of some friends a mule named Lightning, no less!). In 2013, the founding Blake family sold the resort to conservationist and billionaire Louis Bacon, and the resort is chugging along just fine. In honor of its founders, the Ernie Blake Snowsports School was formed, which has since become one of the highest rated ski schools in all of North America.

All of this makes Taos Ski Valley very popular, which in turn, can make it somewhat too crowded at times. But it’s still better than some of North America’s super popular ski resorts, and trust us – the town area and the resort itself accommodates these crowds well. You will rarely feel overwhelmed, because everything just works so well here.

And if you’re into the arts, the Blake Hotel at the resort’s side slope has an exquisite art collection which you can check at leisure. Pampering is not out of the question too, since there are many spa options, sophisticated accommodation, and a kind customer service throughout the entire resort.

But Taos Ski Valley is family-friendly too! So if you’re wondering where your next winter family adventure should take place, hesitate no more and put a pin on the map next to Taos. The Village of Taos Ski Valley has a children’s center that offers a large catalogue of fun-filled activities for children of all ages – tasty snacks included. There is also a nursery that will take good care of infants and young children up to the age of 3. From ages 3 and up, kids can take part in a variety of skiing or snowboarding programs, and learn the basics of snowsports.

The city of Taos has its own airport (the Taos Regional Airport), which can admittedly be busy, but it’s just 20 miles from the Taos Ski Valley resort. Otherwise, you can reach Taos Ski Valley from Santa Fe, which is around 72 miles to the south of the mountain. Additionally, you can take a trip from Albuquerque, which is located around 150 miles to the south. Driving around the northern parts of New Mexico can be an event in itself, since you’ll be able to feast your eyes on exhilarating terrain, breathtaking views, and enjoy a friendly rapport with the locals.


You can find some amazing lodging choices in the village of Taos Ski Valley. From cozy cabins and bed and breakfasts, to slopeside hotels and condos for all budgets. Just make sure to make your reservation on time!


Taos Ski Valley holds our number one spot when it comes to the best ski resorts in New Mexico! And as you can see above, it’s very well deserved. The mind simply stops working when it’s trying to think for any negative sides to Taos Ski Valley. But the facts are the facts. Taos is home to some of the largest ski areas in the state, some of the best groomed terrains and snow, and some of the most impressive views. The resort and the town area are chock full with activities, and there’s something for everyone – beginner and expert alike!

Article by:
Abby Ward
Senior Content Writer at Bluehouse
Last Updated April 2024